Computerized Hearing Evaluation

Hearing loss is unique to each individual and requires an accurate evaluation for proper rehabilitation.Shreya is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipments and has one of the best diagnostic labs in the country.
We offer the following comprehensive diagnostic test

  •  Audiometry – full assessment of hearing loss
  •  Tympanometry – Impedance test
  •  Loudness Scaling test
  •  Paediatric assessment and Screening
  •  Full report to referring practitioners.

Your hearing loss is as unique as your finger print. At Shreya we believe in individual solution to individual hearing problem.

We offer the widest range of hearing aids

  •  Conventional
  •  Automatic
  •  Programmable
  •  Digital
Unique facilities at Shreya

International standards in hearing aid fitting using state-of-the-art audiological equipment. Fully computerized audiometry and extensive diagnostic hearing examination.Hearing aid analyser to analyse the hearing aid’s acoustic specifications.

Real Ear Measurements to measure the effectiveness of the hearing aid in one’s ear.This helps to tune the acoustic characteristics of the hearing-aid to meet the individual’s need in the most objective method.

Repairs & Services

State-of-the-art Lab established by Shreya with German technology helps to customize and meet individual requirements, which is only one of its kind.

Customer Care
An experienced customer care staffed with pleasing nature to cater to all your needs, supported by strong quality control and automation systems.


We offer the following comprehensive diagnostic test

  •  School Screening
  •  Industrial Audiometry
  •  Pre – employment screening
  •  Hearing protection devices