Insio Primax Custom Product Family

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Statutory Warning:

Those instruments purchased only after proper consultation and prescription at our clinic or website, will be followed up with services or customization after purchase at any of our branches.We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused, upon purchase of any hearing aid or accessory at your own will, with out proper prescription or consultation.

Product Description

Incredibly tiny and almost unnoticeable in the ear, the new Insio primax is tailor-made for demanding wearers who want the ultimate in discretion and performance. With their custom fi t, Insio primax models ensure complete comfort and can be controlled remotely for total convenience. Their minute housings are packed with powerful functionality that makes hearing truly effortless.

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ITE / ITC Insio 7 Px (Twin Mic), CIC Insio 7 Px, IIC Insio 7 Px (Non wireless), ITE / ITC Insio 5 Px (Twin Mic), CIC Insio 5 Px, IIC Insio 5 Px (Non wireless), ITE / ITC Insio 3 Px (Twin Mic), CIC Insio 3 Px, IIC Insio 3 Px (Non wireless)

1 review for Insio Primax Custom Product Family

  1. 5 out of 5


    very comptable for my ears… thank you shreya hearing clinic

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